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Samsung Galaxy S10 may have reverse wireless charging

Samsung is all set to unveil its latest Galaxy S10 on February 20 in San Francisco, California. The Federal Communications commission has approved all US Galaxy S10 variants to release later this month. Unlike previous flagships, the Galaxy S10 won’t be releasing at Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona. US Federal Communications Commission has certified SM-G970U, SM-G973U and the SM-975U. These model numbers refer to the Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus respectively.

The LTE band chart included in the FCC filing confirms that these smart phones will support LTE on all major carriers. This is something no previous Galaxy S series smartphone past since the past few years. The submitted document confirms the presence of Bluetooth Le, NFC, MST and Wi-Fi 6. The rumors suggest of fourth variant that will have 5G support which will be launch after few weeks of Galaxy S10 series being unveiled. Since it is not releasing along with the other models of Galaxy S10, its FCC certification may come later at some point in March. Reports claim that the Galaxy S10 with 5G support might be exclusive to Verizon in the US only.

The US Galaxy S10 model will be primarily available through carriers in the country. However, Samsung will also sell the unlocked models through its shop as well, as it does for existing flagships as well. Usually it takes two week after unveil ceremony for smartphones to be available in the market. Each carrier will confirm it’s pricing once it is available.

A document in the filling titled “wireless power transfer”. It mentions that the Galaxy S10 can receive or transmit an AC power signal through magnetic induction or magnetic resonance. Earlier reports have revealed that the Galaxy S1 will have a reverse wireless charging feature called PowerShare. The feature will let users to charge other devices wirelessly with the Galaxy S10. We already know the features and specs of the Galaxy S10.  

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