Samsung officially has announced its Galaxy S10 release date

We already told you about Samsung’s scheduled unveil event for Galaxy S10. Now, when the event is only a few days ahead, the Korean tech giant spoiled one of the most anticipated announcements – Galaxy S10’s release date. On Wednesday, Samsung launches a new sale announcement for the next Galaxy device on its website. As per the website, anyone pre-order the Galaxy S10 through website will get the smartphone in their hands by March 8th.

The website didn’t mention clearly that it is Galaxy S10 on sale by name anywhere on the page, but isn’t too obvious that next galaxy device to be released this month is Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10 will be unveiled on February 20, pre-orders will start the same day or on Friday, February 22nd and will be delivered by March 8th. The date has been in mentioned in several leaks before so it wasn’t of much surprise to many. Now we have a confirmed date for the release date of Galaxy S10.

Samsung is also offering trade-in offer for customers who want to switch from other smart phone manufacturers to Samsung. The discount is high as $550 for recent smartphones such as iPhone XS, Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3, but then drops significantly for older models. In addition to the trade-in discount offer, Samsung is offering an instant $50 credit on accessories, if you choose to go for pre-order on their website that means you can get case for your new phone for less price or even free. Further, if you do make a reservation, you need to complete the purchase within 72 hours of the device went on sale. Otherwise, you will lose your reservation and miss out on the savings. So far, we don’t have the price tag yet but this is also going to be revealed on February 20.

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