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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could have four lens camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in four models – and so is the number of cameras on these models as well as the price. But usually the price also increases as we go for higher number of cameras in any smartphone which is justified. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to have four camera lens system which means – another expensive smartphone by Korean company Samsung. So far, the launch date is pretty far and we can only assume that this is a rumor. But the speed at which technology is shaping new devices, we can be positive about this leak.

So, if we have fourth camera lens in Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy Note 10, then my vote will go for Note 10 as it has a plus point of having a much larger screen up to 6.4 inches – the same as Galaxy Note 9. The configuration of these camera lenses could be same as Galaxy S10: a 16MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP telephoto one and a 12MP variable aperture one and a 3D depth sensor, but for now, we are in the dark regarding its details. Despite the price tag, Note series has its own fan base and I’m sure they are also going to opt for Note 10 instead of Galaxy S10 Plus especially if Note 10 has 5G network capability.

We also hope that Galaxy Note 10 comes with a better solution for HDR recording as despite heavy price, Galaxy Note 9 couldn’t record HDR video which is not so cool. Many hated the Bixby button, so Samsung has to do something for it as well. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity with S-Pen was innovative, fun and attractive sales lead which has also increased the expectation of Samsung users for the upcoming Note device. But to see, what really has changed in the Note 10, we have to wait till August. As the rumors suggest that Galaxy Note 10 will be released in somewhere around August 2019. Let’s hope for the best till then.

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