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What makes Samsung Galaxy S10 a winner?

For the past ten years, Samsung has been releasing new Galaxy S series flagship with a steady pace. The early Galaxy S smartphones were good but were copies of iPhone. It took Samsung few years to hit the market with high-end hardware and till Galaxy S8, the market was good. Galaxy S9 was merely an iterative model of the S8. There were even rumors about Galaxy S series getting sacked due to its falling sales figures, but Samsung seem to re-emerge with cutting edge technology and sleek design of Galaxy S10. The recent devices are nothing like iPhone. In-fact, if you have been frustrated with Apple’s recent devices for lacking headphone jacks, adding notches, or removing fingerprint scanners, Galaxy S10 is your device.

Still, some of you would say that there are some similarities between Galaxy S10 and iPhone. I agree. Galaxy S10 seem familiar yet, it is an impressive device. The biggest similarity is the price tag. Both smartphones are expensive. The Samsung Galaxy S10 starts at $899.99, while the S10 Plus would cost you $1000. The other factor is its incremental design. Despite it has bigger screen with better picture quality, there isn’t much difference, Galaxy S10 has to offer, if you already have Galaxy S9 or even S8.

There are some amazing features like Galaxy S10 has IP6 water resistance; fast wired and wireless charging; an expandable storage option which isn’t available with iPhone. You can use Galaxy S10 to charge other devices like Samsung’s new Galaxy bud headphones or Galaxy watch wirelessly but I think, this isn’t a much used feature. The S10 doesn’t use a notch for the front-facing camera. Instead, Samsung is using an offset hole-punch design. The fingerprint scanner is now using the ultrasonic technology and embedded in the screen. It works even if your finger is wet or have low light situation.

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