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Galaxy S10: You can’t scratch off the ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner

Ultrasonic finger print scanner is one of the best trademark of Samsung Galaxy S10. From day one, it has advertise this unique and more powerful security feature which even iPhone doesn’t have. This is the first time, ultrasonic technology is being used for finger print scanning in a mobile phone. Realizing that usual screen protector may not work for Galaxy S10, Samsung has come up with pre-installed screen protector.

The Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner is highly advance when it comes to scanning fingerprints. The optical version which is usually used in smartphones take 2D image of the finger print and every time you scan the fingerprint, it compares the print with the initial 2D image. The ultrasonic technology uses 3D mapping of the finger print which works even in low light or with wet fingers. The ultrasonic technology is faster than in-display optical readers.

Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything, put the Galaxy S10 through his signature disability text. As this is a new technology, world isn’t sure about its durability and functionality in worse scenarios. Zack created few scratches on the top of the sensor and surprisingly, the ultrasonic fingerprint seem to work fine. But this is a case in of scratches. With deeper cracks, the result is completely as expected. The fingerprint scanner stop to work until you repair screen. Now, Samsung’s very own plastic screen protector won’t do much to protect the in-display fingerprint scanner if you drop the cell phone.

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