Did Samsung damage Galaxy S10 sales unintentionally?

Everyone was waiting for the Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S10. The phone looked promising from the leaks and rumors. Galaxy S10 was the first smartphone by Samsung available in four models. The unveil event held for Samsung Galaxy S10 was on February 20 which was astonishing but somehow Samsung Galaxy S10 seems to fail the meet the expected sales figures. In the early reports, the pre-sales orders in China were higher than its predecessor, but when it comes to world-wide sales, the situation doesn’t look good. Samsung Galaxy S10 activations suggest pre-orders were lower than last year’s Galaxy S9, according to The Investor.

According to The Investor, there were 140,000 day-one activations for the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e compared to 180,000 for the S9 and S9 Plus and 200,000 for the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung’s official resources disagree with the numbers and says, “The news reports of the initial sales of the S10 is based on the wrong stats of the S9 and S10. The reported sales figure also excluded the units sold through local mobile virtual network operators.” As per Samsung, the sales for the Galaxy S10 are actually 1.2 times higher than the S9 series sales. However, Samsung decided not to reveal the real numbers.

So, what has cause this situation? The design, technology everything seems perfect. Samsung Galaxy S10 even has a security feature which even iPhone doesn’t have. But for some people, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The tech enthusiasts suggest that having a less sales figure for Galaxy S10 than the S9 or Note 9 isn’t exactly a shock. The price tag for Samsung Galaxy S10 is too high. The phone is way more expensive than any other Galaxy S series phone, starting at $99 and going up to $1,599 without offering extremely different from its cheaper predecessor. There seem not enough reason for people to upgrade to an expensive phone like Galaxy S10. The second reason, is probably, Samsung’s very own Galaxy Fold. If anyone has to upgrade, at this price, they would probably add some more cash and go for Galaxy Fold.

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