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Galaxy Note 10 might have faster storage than Galaxy S10

Image Credit: technofigurations

Samsung revealed its much hyped smartphone Galaxy S10 last month but its sales reports are not good as expected. Some reports suggest that pre-order registration was even less than its predecessor in China. Samsung managed to have a significant cut on the profits by using three year old UFS 2.1 storage, despite UFS 3.0 is already ready to ship in premium smartphones, and twice as fast. UFS 3.0 is being confirmed on its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold which is expected to launch in April 2019 just seven weeks after the Galaxy S10 lineup.

UFS 3.0 deliver more than just speed. It has improved from the 11.6Gbps of UFS 2.1 to 23.2Gbps which is dramatic and apps will load and respond much fast but its biggest advantage is its ability to function at low power supply. This means, you are getting a huge performance boost for less power consumption, which means longer battery life and less need to recharge.

As we are near to the release date of Galaxy Note 10, the tech enthusiasts are working on the design concept. The highlights include the Galaxy Note 10’s widely expected adoption of the galaxy S10 plus dual punch-hole display. Other leaks suggest 12MP primary lens, 12MP telephoto lens, 16MP ultrawide-angle and ToF 3D depth camera and ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. The design is expected to be bezel-free. The support for 5G connectivity may come as standard.

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