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Don’t buy Galaxy S10 before you read this

Everyone loved Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 series. It has everything from innovation to great design, but wait, there is another phone by Samsung that is even greater – Galaxy Note 10. Samsung released Galaxy S10 series in 2019 but for storage, they used a technology which is three years old. Yes, the fact is hard to swallow but this is what it is. Every Galaxy S10 model is equipped with UFS 2.1 storage, despite Samsung has already announced the mass production of its much faster and energy efficient UFS 3.0.

Samsung has already confirmed the upcoming smartphone the Galaxy Fold will have the UFS 3.0 when it will be launched in April 2019. From now on, every premium smartphone will have this next-generation storage. Many couldn’t think of the reason, why Samsung left Galaxy S10 behind where the whole model is full of cutting-edge technology. Samsung Galaxy S10 has the worst possible security you can imagine. The facial recognition system isn’t even secure as its predecessor and can be fooled by almost everything. Galaxy S10 models have so far been unlocked with a photo, a video, and even a sister.   

The best bet is Samsung will try to improve this with software updates. Probably they will disable the facial recognition entirely and rely on the new ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. Needless to say, the Galaxy S10 looks appealing but unless you are not in absolute need of upgrading your current smartphone, I would suggest you wait, till the Galaxy Note 10 comes.

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