Samsung’s Bixby can understand German, Italian and Spanish

Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby had support for three languages so far – American English, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. Now, Bixby has added three more languages – British English, German, Italian and Spanish. Samsung has told earlier that it is working on upgrading Bixby for the better and now in an unpacked event it announced a change that may help to extend its usage to other countries as well. The European languages were previously in beta. European users will see Bixby getting more compatible with third-party services.

As part of the expansion, Bixby has enough intelligence to tell the difference between American and British English accents. This could also means an opportunity for Bixby to understand other English accents at least to some decent level. There are many countries, such as Australia, Singapore or South Africa which speaks English. There are also many countries where English is used as second language. Even with the addition of these languages to Bixby, the voice assistant still trails behind Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri when it comes to the total number of languages as Google currently supports up to dozen languages while Siri can understand 20 languages.

The new languages are coming to latest flagship smartphones running Android Pie. The update to Bixby makes it more usable around the world but it is not agile as Google’s assistant or Alexa at understanding audio commands.

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