So what is the difference between Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus?

The first notable difference between Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus is the display size, with the larger plus model sporting a 6.4-inch display compared to the standard Galaxy S10’s 6.1-inch display. The larger model is roughly the same size as the iPhone XS max and other recent flagship smartphones. The S10 Plus is large and can be used by adult consumers whereas the S10 is easy to use with one hand. Both phones are surprisingly lightweight at 157g.

The S10+ has an extra front camera that is a depth sensor, which creates the depth-of-field bokeh effect. If you compare the selfie pictures of these two phones, I would say, the S10+ selfies are slightly better with the edge detection but it is not enough to justify an extra sensor. Battery life has been improved with the new Galaxy S series. The S10+ has a larger battery up to 4,100mAh which leads to whole day functionality without a need to recharge whereas the Galaxy S10 has a smaller 3,400mAh battery so it relies on how much you use it for the whole day.

Other than these features, everything about these two models is identical. They have the same glass design with a complete symmetrical front and back due to the display panel’s curvature. Both models have a fingerprint scanner based on ultrasonic technology. The scanner is embedded underneath the display. Despite the price difference, both devices use the Snapdragon 855 for North American and China/Hong Kong models or Exynos 9820 for everywhere else. China and the U.S models require the Snapdragon chipset as CDMA networks in both countries; the rest of the world is using GSM bands. Both devices use Samsung’s best flawless display technology. According to the reports, the Galaxy S10 has the best screen in terms of brightness, colors and viewing angles. The ultrasonic fingerprint reader under the display is more secure than the optical in-display fingerprint.

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