Samsung has published an official invitation for Galaxy Event on April 10

In February, Samsung held its spectacular unpacked event to unveil the Galaxy S10. At the event, Samsung showed images of its first ever foldable smartphone and gave it a name – Galaxy Fold. The Korean Tech Giant is ready to unveil a few Galaxy A handsets and has just made it official by sending an invitation to “A Galaxy Event” that will take place on April 10, 2019. The teaser image has come up with the only headline skipping any technical details. The Teaser image suggests that there would be three different designs will emerge, so at least, we are expecting three different Galaxy A series of models to reach the audience within a few days after the unveiling event.

This is the essential part of the aforementioned text: “On April 10th, Samsung Electronics will unveil its latest Galaxy A devices designed for the way we communicate in the Era of Live. The reveal will take place in Bangkok, Milan, and São Paulo.” 

Over the past few months, we heard about various Galaxy A-series smartphones that Samsung was apparently working on. These include the Galaxy 40, Galaxy 50, Galaxy 70 and Galaxy 90. Samsung should come up with a series that starts with Galaxy A10 and goes up to Galaxy A40, A50, A70, and A90, especially since three such devices – Galaxy A10, A30, and A50, have already launched in India. According to the latest rumors, Samsung will release new Galaxy A devices with and without a notch, starting with a single main camera and a quad-lens setup.

April 10 should see the official release of the Galaxy A90 and two more smartphones. So far, The Galaxy A20 and the Galaxy A40 are making the headlines in the leaks, so it might be these two smartphones. In the official announcement, Samsung hints at the possibility of true all screen phones with three silhouettes of an edge-to-edge display. The Galaxy A90 will become the top handset of the A-Series. Previous leaks pointed to a pop-up rotating camera and flagship-grade processor. Stay tuned for more details on the event and the upcoming mobile phones.

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