How to solve battery or software issues of Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung set new trends and standards with its latest flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10. From the premium model to entry-level Galaxy S10, it has everything in terms of great hardware and software features. It is the first AMOLED display smartphone with a hole-punch display and it is also the first smartphone to use ultra-sonic technology for fingerprint scanning.

The device is powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset for the U.S and Exynos 9820 for other parts of the world. The South Korean giant has also increased the storage and memory configurations. This may seem a perfect device but no hardware or device can be perfect. Users have been reporting a few issues since its launch. If you are the owner of Galaxy S10, we have some solutions for the issues people are reporting so far.

Battery Issues

If you are not happy with your Galaxy S10’s battery performance and think that it is draining way faster than it should than you can do the following steps to see if it works for you or not.

1.        Did you install any third-party phone manager or memory devices? Well, these apps are hard on battery as they run in the background. If you want to save your battery, always read about the app before installing it on your smartphone.

2.        You can also check which app is draining your battery more. Simply go to Settings > Device care > Battery > Battery usage. You can view the statistics and choose to uninstall apps draining the battery.

3.        Disable “lift to wake” option. Go to settings > Advanced > Motions and gestures > Toggle off the lift to wake

4.        Factory reset

Accidental Touch Registration Issue

If you are facing the accidental touch input situation when the phone is in a dark place such as bag or pocket, we have few options for you.

  1. Disable Lift to wake feature
    1. Go to Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures > Toggle off lift to wake

Samsung introduced this new feature but it is causing more harm than good.

  • Enable accidental touch protection
    • Go to Settings > Display
    • Toggle on Accidental touch protection
  • Turn of touch sensitivity

Unless you are having issues with touch, you should turn off this feature.

  1. Go to settings > Display and Toggle off touch sensitivity.

Fingerprint sensor not working

The number one culprit for this could be your new tempered glass. If you have applied it manually, remove that tempered glass. The Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology is a new one and not every tempered glass works with this. You need to install a proven specially made for Galaxy S10 tempered glass. However, re-registering the fingerprints after deleting currently registered ones is a good idea.

Bluetooth issues

  1. Delete the Bluetooth cache. Go to settings > apps> show system apps > Bluetooth>clear cache
  2. Remove and pair again with the Bluetooth device
  3. Reset the network settings. Go to settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings > Reset.
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