Samsung Galaxy S10 5G finally gets the release date

The Galaxy S series represents Samsung’s accomplishments in the mobile industry up until now. We have been reading reports and rumors about the Galaxy S10 5G for over six months now but for some reasons, Samsung decided to delay its release on purpose. Now the company has decided that the device will hit the store shelves in its home country on Monday, April 5. It is still on course to release in the United States where Verizon will begin offering it on April 11.

There is no pre-order option available in South Korea. Maybe Samsung is looking forward to maximizing the impact of the few units by making buyers turn up at Samsung’s larger brick-and-mortar stores in the country. By the time, support for the 5G network is available, there will be newer, better options available in the market than Galaxy S10, particularly for those who can spend an enormous amount on a smartphone.

Over on the Far East, Samsung is running a sales promotion. Samsung is offering new Galaxy buds for free for consumers who manage to buy devices from the first batch. These Galaxy buds are priced at $200 otherwise. If you want Galaxy buds you can choose to get a 50 percent discount on screen replacements which is more like an extended partial warranty. So, if your screen just gives up on you within the warranty period, Samsung will replace it but if you break it completely you get a massive 50-percent discount on its replacement, no questions asked.                

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