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Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S10e?

Galaxy S10e is the Samsung’s iPhone XR mainly because of the price tag as these both share the same initial price. Samsung, recognized the need to compete its Chinese rival companies in the mid-range smartphones. Chinese smartphone manufacturers came up with the near-flagship experience at more affordable prices to attract budget-conscious consumers. The Galaxy S10E is supposed to re-gain the market for Samsung. So far, the phone seem to achieve its sales goals. It is a full-featured Galaxy S10, simply small in size.

The Galaxy S10e isn’t the most exciting of the three Galaxy S10 models, but it provides the best value if you are concerned about the price. The 5.8-inch display is roughly the same as the Galaxy S9 just shorter, thinner and lighter than the base mode. It has a flat display – which is good for people who doesn’t like curved edges much. This means there is more metal frame on the sides to rest in your hands.

The Galaxy S10e is powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor, 128GB of storage, microSD card slot, stereo speaks, water and dust resistance, fast charging and headphone jack. The camera experience with S10e isn’t good at Galaxy S10 as it loses the 2x telephoto camera on the back and secondary depth camera on the front. This isn’t a big loss though as you still get the 16MP wide-angle camera and extensive list of shooting modes. The camera may not match the S10+ but still it is super fast, consistent and fun to shoot with.

And there is one place, where Galaxy S10e beats the S10 or S10+ – its fingerprint sensor. Although Galaxy S10 and S10 has come up with the ultrasonic technology which is the first of its kind but it’s a little slower and slightly inconsistent than the optical sensors we have all gotten used to in the last five years. The sensor at S10e is incredibly fast and easy to trigger with even partial finger coverage. The S10e has a smaller battery to use, but still it will get you through a day if your usage isn’t a lot.

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