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Take the best pictures with your Galaxy S10 like a pro

Galaxy S10 has a solid photography support with three rear cameras and tons of shooting modes. It is quite easy to point and shot with no real thought with Samsung Galaxy S10 but to truly come up with an amazing photo you need to learn about its advance capabilities first.

Care your camera lenses

It seem so basic that most of the time we don’t even put enough attention to our camera lenses. With the Galaxy S10’s triple camera setup, there is a lot of room for smudges and dirt to accumulate at the tiny camera lens which can ruin your photo. To save your pictures from such side effects, simply clean your camera lens before taking the pictures.

Enable the grid lines

The camera settings for Galaxy S10 give you an option for either 3 x 3 or a square grid but you should use the former – if you want to shoot a 1:1 photo, the viewfinder has its own option to switch to that aspect ratio at the time. The horizontal lines will help you to achieve better alignment for a flatter, better-looking shot. This is really cool option if you are taking flat photos. Shooting at f/1.5 will give a better bokeh effect than life focus. You can always rely on a wide aperture.

Utilize the shooting modes

Samsung has provided an extensive list of shooting modes. There are modes like Instagram, food and many others which you may never intend to use. But if this isn’t enough, you can always configure the shooting modes in the camera settings to only show the ones you want, and even set the order in which you want these to show. Go into the camera settings and find camera modes and then edit modes to choose.

In the viewfinder, you can switch between modes: by tapping on the name of the mode, swipe from left-to-right or right-to-left or by swiping along the list. By default, the camera switches back to the photo mode every time you open the app. You can also change this by going into camera modes settings and check the ‘keep using last mode’ option.

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