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This is how Samsung Galaxy S10’s AI works for you

Every smartphone manufacturer seem to boost about their Artificial Intelligence technology but no one tells us where this AI is working. In their smartphones. Samsung has come up with the explanation of some of the AI feature functionality in Galaxy S10 phones.

There are two modules in Galaxy S10 that work together to make the apps faster. App pre-loading learns your patterns, e.g. after using the camera, you launch a messaging app. This system starts to load the messaging app as soon as you launch the camera app. The second module pulls the resources required for the app. App leveling keeps an eye on apps you haven’t use to stop wasting the resources. The last level is App disabler, which completely shuts down the app you are not using for 30 days.

Samsung’s intelligent battery management system works with Google Adaptive battery to analyze your app usage and optimize your CPU and memory to improve performance and save battery for both the apps that you use the most, and those you never use. It is powered by two main features: app leveling and adaptive power saving. App leveling categorizes apps by usage patterns and automatically adjusts resource allocation. It has four levels. Level 01 freezes, Level 02 will implement forced app standby, Level 03 will make go app sleep, and Level 04 will disable the app.

A lot of apps that people install and never use end up getting the precious resources. Powered by artificial intelligence the Galaxy S10 automatically analyzes the apps and disables them so they only use resources at a NAND level, ensuring your RAM, CPU, and battery are saved for important tasks. Apps that are not used for 30 days, will not use resources, until you open these manually. Adaptive power saving analyzes your routine to optimize battery performance so you can last all day.

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