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5 smart hacks for your Samsung Galaxy S10

We all get pretty excited when buy a new smartphone. Samsung recently launched its latest flagship smartphone- Galaxy S10. The phone has come in four models – Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 plus and S10 5G.

How to transfer data from old phone to new one

The transferring data from old phones to a new one could be challenging but with Galaxy series, this is relatively easy. You can transfer your data straight from old phone to Galaxy S10 or Galaxy Note 9 with the smart switch. Smart switch is the fast way to move your data – contacts, settings, photos and more to your new Galaxy smartphone. It is easy to copy everything over with the USB connector supplied. Download smart switch for your phone from Google Play. Connect your phones. Choose smart switch app for the USB device. Searching for the content can take up to 15 minutes, depending on how much data you have on your device. Scan your old phone and select the content you want to transfer. The smart switch does the rest.


The new keyboard is packed with shortcuts so you can share a location, send a picture, or reply with an emoji in no time.

Need to connect to Wi-Fi

Pull the drop down menu from the top of the screen. Here you can find icons for things like sound or Bluetooth. For more options, drop down little lower. Give a Wi-Fi icon a tap. Then enter the password. That should do it.

Customize your phone home screen

Do you want to have your amazing selfie as your phone’s wallpaper? Well, to set your image as a wallpaper, open your image. Tap the menu top-right of the image and tap on ‘select as wallpaper’. Give a pinch to make this image bigger or smaller. That’s it.

How to save battery

No one likes the ‘5% battery notification’. Even if we do absolutely nothing, your Galaxy may need battery recharge at some point. Go to settings > Tap device maintenance. Tap the battery icon on the left. Select the power saving mode and you are good to go for receiving a few more calls.

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