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Samsung reveled Galaxy S10 5G price tag – still cheaper than S10 Plus

Samsung announced four variants for the Galaxy S10 series. The three models have already revealed: the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and the Galaxy S10 plus. The 5G model is supposed to launch in first week of April, 2019. The phone is the limited edition and will support 5G network. The variant will have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory. Verizon has already announced its plan for pre-order for the Galaxy S10 5G which is starting from April 5 in the U.S.

Samsung is releasing the phone in its home country – South Korea first. The company says it has tested the smartphone with the technology company KT Corporation. The test was successful and phone was able to achieve a good speed of 1Gbps which is a proof that 5G networks can now provide stable fast internet speed up to gigabits to the customer with 5G-enabled phones. In addition to KT, other carrier companies like SK telecom and LG uplus are also onboard to provide 5G network services when the galaxy S10 5G is released in Korea.

 After South Korea, the phone will be launched in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Carries from these countries are already working on providing 5G network support to companies like Samsung for 5G-enabled phones. As for the pricing, ETNews suggest that the base model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory will cost you around $1,220 in Korea while the model with 512GB of storage would cost you nearly $1,360. This still makes it cheaper than the fully upgraded version of the Galaxy S10 plus, which costs $1,599.

Samsung has come up with an amazing sales offer for those, who are ordering the Galaxy S10 5G before April 16. Samsung is giving special offers such as free Galaxy buds and wireless charges, and screen replacement at half the cost for the first year. The Galaxy S10 5G would apparently be available in three different colors – Royal Gold, Crown Silver and Majestic Black. While the 512GB model will be available in the Crown silver.

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