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Samsung may release a smaller variant of Galaxy Note 10

After the Galaxy S10 has been released, Samsung is focusing on the next flagship smart phpne Galaxy Note 10. There has been already few leaks about the Galaxy Note 10. The latest rumor about next Galaxy suggests that Samsung may be working on a smaller version of Note 10. The manufacturing of less expensive variants of premium smartphones is becoming a new trend in the industry. Samsung’s experiment with smaller variant in case of Galaxy S10 has been successful. If the rumor is true, it would be the first time we will be witnessing two different models of a Galaxy Note smart phone.

Reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung may offer the smaller variant of Galaxy Note 10 in Europe or a few selected markets. Samsung may be targeting a niche market of consumers who prefer smartphones with smaller displays. Small phones are easy to use with one hand. They are easy on pocket and budget. Samsung did very well with the smaller model of the Galaxy S10e. We have a post about Galaxy S10e and how it is gaining popularity over its gigantic competitor models. You can read the review of Galaxy S10e and comparison between Galaxy S10 and S10e.

The only thing we didn’t appreciate about the rumor is – about Galaxy Note 10’s smaller version’s availability in the selected markets only. It doesn’t make any sense to limit the potential of these budget models. Even if there is some difference in memory, storage or support for 4G and 5G network, the price tag may really effect the buyer’s decision. Not everyone is a fan of 1TB storage or super gigantic display. It also depends on how consumers are using their devices in their daily lives. Heavy usage may require the upper model, but if you are using your smartphone for making calls, taking pictures and sharing over your favorite social network, the budget model may attract you.

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