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Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner just got better

Samsung made huge promises about Galaxy S10’s security. The company looked confident about the performance of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and its speed. Samsung claimed at the time of the launch that it is faster than the traditional optical sensor. Samsung said that you can unlock the Galaxy S10 by briefly tapping your finger on the sensor and then withdrawing it instantly. The reality, however, was different. Once users got Galaxy S10 in their hands the claims seem to go in vain. According to Daniel Marchena for XDA TV says that the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy s10 has been a hit-and-miss affair so far. After so many negative reviews and complaints, Samsung decided to work to improve its fingerprint scanning app.

To achieve better security, Samsung has rolled out a new update to improve the working of the fingerprint scanner. The security patch is only 7MB but improves performance significantly. The update comes via the version 2.0.84 of the fingerprint app. You can download it on both – the Snapdragon 855 and the Exynos 9820 variants of Galaxy S10. To check for the version on your device, get into the Settings app. Check for Biometrics & Security option > Biometrics Preferences. The update is also rolling out to the Galaxy S10e, which has a capacitive fingerprint reader, and the Galaxy S10+, which uses the same optical fingerprint sensor as the Galaxy S10. Your Galaxy should prompt you to install the OTA urgently, but if it doesn’t, you can look for the update in the Galaxy Store.

Many users at reddit has confirmed that it is working much faster and success rate has increased up to 30%. There might be some delay in terms of the patch update depending on your Galaxy S10, your location or whether you use a locked or unlocked version. While a lot of Verizon users have already received the update, it looks like T-Mobile users still have to receive it. But it is a small and an urgent patch, it may not take too long till it reach all the users.

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