Galaxy Note 10

Samsung may be working on the Galaxy Note 10 Pro

Samsung has already amazed its fans with its premium smartphone Galaxy S10 and high-end Galaxy A series recently. Still, the company is on its way to launch the next flagship smartphone, probably in Q3 – Note 10. Some rumors suggest that Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy Note 10 Pro this year alongside the regular Note 10. If this is true, we will see two Note flagships in the same year, competing with each other for the first time. Galaxy Note 9 had major upgrade from its predecessor, especially the S-Pen that also worked as the remote control for Note 9. The camera was improved and new AI scenes detection was added. With Note 9 the display got bigger. We wonder what Samsung has to offer with Note 10.

If Samsung release Galaxy Fold before Note 10, it would be the sixth Galaxy in the row after Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 Plus, S10 5G, and foldable Galaxy Fold. The Note usually refers to the top-notch design, a large display, a big battery, fast processing speed, hi-tech AI enabled camera system, and the S-Pen. Samsung has included almost all of these features in Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, even with the 5G model. Competing with its own phone would be interesting to see.

Samsung may choose to do some hardware improvements or experiment with the display. Galaxy S10 did come with Infinity-O display which isn’t loved much. The eye camera doesn’t bother though if try to avoid or think about it. Samsung should come up with something else for Galaxy Note 10. In terms of hardware, the Galaxy S10 has already disappointed its users. You can read more about it here. With such a huge price, tag consumers deserved to get the best in terms of hardware and software. A few years back, Samsung’s photography technology was virtually invincible but now Google’s Pixel 3 has come up with better photography any other smartphone has to offer. Samsung has to improve its night photography mode if it wants to compete and win over its rivals.

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