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Galaxy Fold display is certified as less harmful to eyes

It’s been two days now since Samsung gave up early Galaxy Fold units to media for reviews and since then Galaxy Fold is in the news. The device doesn’t seem as unbreakable as we think. It couldn’t survive and start to break in just two days. The twitter has become a complaint cell where everyone is talking about the new Galaxy Fold unpredictable screen breakage. People had their doubts but no one imagined that it will break so soon. Some blame the polyimide film of Galaxy Fold display, which looks like a regular screen cover but it is supposed to protect the Galaxy Fold’s display. The current stream of bad news about Galaxy Fold may disappoint many but it also has something which no one other smartphone can compete.

Germans from the TUV Rheinland quality certification body performed a series of tests on the Galaxy Fold and claimed that its screen emits the least amount of harmful blue light. These blue rays are the one that keeps you up at night if you had used your phone shortly before going to bed. Galaxy Fold keeps 415-455 nanometer wavelengths at a minimum despite its huge 7.3-inch foldable display. The organic light emitting diode display has acquired the eye comfort certification for being as low as record low 7% of its wavelengths. This is the same as for Samsung another flagship smartphone Galaxy S10, tested by the same company and certified for eye comfort. For an average OLED display the wavelength is at 12% level, and 18% for LCDs, and it seems that Samsung has skilled over the next generation technology for the display panels.

To reduce the harmful effect of these rays, the electronic companies need to implement extra protection layers, filers, and still have to manage using software that affects color accuracy on OLED displays. With the new diodes production methods, Samsung managed to keep the correct DCI-P3 color gamut while reducing the harmful blue light to a minimum. Jeeho Baek, executive vice president and head of the mobile display sales and marketing team at Samsung display says, “In a market where technical innovation is materializing at a remarkable pace, OLED is setting the pace for change in smartphone design as these foldable, full-screen displays prove. We are enabling enhanced resolution, while considerably improving the user environment by minimizing strain on the user’s eyes.”

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