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Samsung Galaxy Fold – It didn’t work out

Everyone was so excited about the much-hyped Samsung’s new folding device but what started off as a good week for Samsung fans ended up being a disappointment. The Galaxy Fold had a very impressive initial response but it couldn’t last more than 48 hours and turned into a nightmare. Samsung hand over a few limited units to media for review but what Samsung never expected was a ‘failure’. The units started to damage in just 2 days.

The issues were authentic and there wasn’t a single phone who survived during this PR experiment. Finally, Samsung decided to postpone the Galaxy Fold launch event. It took more than five years for Samsung to come up with the final product which failed miserably. The folding device meant to bring Samsung’s innovation status to the next level. The company was really interested to bring the mass production of the foldable smartphone on the market. The Korean tech company, Samsung, got very close to its dream.

Samsung had a long list of innovative smart devices but this experiment caused it an intense blow to its reputation. Some may recall a similar incident with Galaxy Note 7. Samsung had rushed with new technology back then to meet the market needs. But the market wasn’t ready to accept a failure especially when it was coming from the company like Samsung. It cost Samsung billions of dollars. Luckily, the company hasn’t put Galaxy Fold into the mass production yet.

Now a layman would ask that did Samsung even checked the device before handing over the media persons. According to reports, Samsung had realized that the cracks could be prevented if used by even pressure which is not entirely possible in real-time scenarios. Samsung acknowledged this problem in a press release that its investigation shows that the impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge lead to damage display. We aren’t sure, what Samsung is going to do to improve this situation but so far, pre-orders aren’t canceled yet. May be we have to wait for a few weeks at least.

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