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Samsung Galaxy Fold badly wants to succeed

Despite the last week’s PR experiment, Samsung is still planning to set the Galaxy Fold for sale. Frankly speaking, the Galaxy Fold has the potential to change the landscape of the smartphone market. Samsung also understands this and that’s why it is not giving up on Galaxy Fold. It is great from a brand perspective. Samsung wants badly to make it a success. It is genuinely an exciting product and much-hyped device for eight years since it debuted at CES 2011 for the first time.

Galaxy Fold isn’t an exactly the first device with a foldable display. Royale, a Shanghai-based startup surprisingly releases a standalone demo, with a foldable display, but it has no plans far for its release till the device is completely ready to ship. What made Samsung Galaxy Fold a king of the foldable headset is its ambitious release with a history of over five-year research. Samsung still had a very good shot to claim the position of the first commercially viable foldable device in the market.

A recent teardown of Galaxy Fold by iFixit says a lot about its future. iFixit used a word Alarmingly about Fold, followed directly by ‘fragile’ – itself repeated five times in the report. iFixit findings are very much similar to Samsung’s very own report, which says,

  1. A fragile display means using it the wrong can result in unexpected consequences.
  2. When you fold the device, it doesn’t close completely and there is always a gap between hinges which allows dirt particles to wedge themselves between the folding mechanism and screen.
  3. The protective layer which seems like a regular screen protector is more than just a screen cover. Taking it off could easily wreck your $2000 phone.

What makes me uncomfortable is that Samsung has more experience than anyone else in the industry. Getting a phone from such a big brand that only worked for 2 days isn’t a good sign. But we can give at least one doubt of benefit to Samsung and hopefully it could repair the problems with the foldable soon.

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