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Did Samsung screw up for being the first one?

Samsung Galaxy Fold may look stunning and an incredible step in the smartphone industry but it is incomplete and still works in theory. This becomes clear when last week Samsung handover limited units to media for reviews. The device (at least 3 of these) stopped functioning and the company had to take these units back for further investigation and work. Thing to notice here, that the company gave these units to media officials, not to actual repair people who have been working with such devices for decades, so got things like people removing protective film that shouldn’t be removed while others were making a huge deal about the gap left being the display and hinge when closed.

Either Samsung wasn’t aware of the problem or didn’t consider it one. Being the first in the industry is “cool” these days but handing over incomplete hardware to people was never a good idea. Apple is known as the first smartphone and this made him such a huge company but its device was completely astonishing, ahead of time, and was completely tested I should say. Now Samsung’ reputation has a dent that isn’t easy to recover from.

Samsung Galaxy fold is a story of a device that is full of promises, tagged with a huge price but a complete disaster when it comes to durability. Due to its handful of issues and early bad reviews, we can’t recommend anyone to buy such a device not now at least. But there are also some good things about Galaxy Fold.

  1. The device didn’t explode.
  2. The Galaxy Fold is in a beta position right now, so we may hope to get a better version of it when released publicly.
  3. This is a new technology and we should give it some time to realize. Everything we have now was a dream in the past. So staying positive would be a good strategy.

I think everyone would agree that the decision to move the release date ahead was a good move. But let’s hope for the best.

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