Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may have fast charging than 25W

Smartphone companies are making bigger and larger smartphones and every year. With the bigger display and a greater number of features comes the requirement of bigger power capacity as well. Samsung is rumored to lift its game for its next flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 by having not just any larger battery but a battery with an ultra-fast charging ability.

The current Galaxy Note 9 has 15W of charging while the new Galaxy S0 also has a similar charging, the larger 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 %G has a faster 25W fast charging that is faster than ever before on a Galaxy Smartphone. And with the upcoming Galaxy, the company has decided to move even faster and better. The battery was the area Samsung wasn’t putting too much attention before Galaxy Fold. Maybe the reason behind this change is the competition Samsung is facing with Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

Oppo has already crazy-fast charging feature with its superVOOC charger getting around a massive 50W and charging the 3730mAh battery from 0 percent to 100 percent in just 35 minutes. Samsung needs to offer 45-50W if it wants to continue beating other phone manufacturers in the field of technology. In fact, I would say, Samsung should move one step ahead and come up with a new battery technology or something better than before. Samsung has been the leader of innovation for decades and I hope this would proceed in the upcoming years as well. Samsung is expecting to release the Galaxy Note 10 in early August this year, which means we will soon learn more about its battery and charging capacity.

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