Galaxy Note 10

Galaxy Note 10 may have a superb curved design

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release is just a few months away and we are getting rumors about its design and specs almost on a daily basis. So far, we know that Samsung would be launching two variants of Note 10. One model will support 5G connectivity. Verizon also confirms that Samsung will launch a Galaxy Note 10 model with 5G support without getting too much into other details of the handset.

IceUniverse has a good reputation when it comes to leaks about Samsung smartphones. Recently the IceUniverse tweeted about another exciting design news that we can expect to be true so far. Last year, Samsung introduced its notch-less infinity-O display design before the Galaxy S10 was released. The smartphone companies have been experimenting with new designs for the selfie-camera. So far, we have seen the slider phones, pop-up selfie cameras, and dual-screen phones. Many people would agree that the infinity-O design looks far simpler and better these alternatives. In the beginning, people had doubts but they get used to it almost within a few days.

It is very likely that Samsung will use the same display design for the upcoming Galaxy but according to IceUniverse, the screen might be different than its predecessors. They called it a “superb curved design”, which seems like a more aggressive curved display than Note 7. Samsung was the first company to bring the curved design in the market and the dual-edge screen has also become a norm for flagship smartphones including the Galaxy S and Note models. Over the years, Samsung has further refined the design of its curved display and these are more reliable now.

Meanwhile, Nokia and Huawei have already released phones with curved displays similar to the Galaxy S and Note series. We are not sure what IceUniverse actually meant with the superb curved but we can assume that it would be something similar to existing curved design. Galaxy Note 10 will be available from mid-August this year, so we may not have to wait for more to see how the final design comes out.

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