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Samsung canceled its pre-orders for Galaxy Fold. What next?

We all know about Samsung Galaxy Fold incident which happened recently but what we don’t know is when Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Fold to the public. On Tuesday, an unexpected apology from the company came as a surprise to everyone. It says it cannot confirm the shipping date for the foldable device and apologized to the customers in the United States who had pre-order for the device.

Samsung has already taken back the devices it gave to media person for the beta testing but the marketing act turned out a PR nightmare for the company. After people actually took this device in their hands, it could not survive and only in two days, the device had serious problems with its display from cracks in the screen to complete black-out.

Samsung sends an email to its pre-order customers for Galaxy Fold which say, “If we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31st, your order will be canceled automatically,” The email was confirmed by a Samsung spokesperson as well. As per U.S regulations, Samsung is required to notify its pre-order customers if they can’t deliver orders in-time. Though the issue isn’t going to hurt the company’s financial assets, it surely will damage the ‘first-one’ innovator status of Samsung. Some people would agree with the fact that may be in a hurry, Samsung risks its reputation. Samsung had plans for at least 1 million foldable devices for production this year.

If Samsung fails to deliver the device by May 31, the orders will be canceled automatically and customers will get their money in a refund. Those who wish to retain their place even after May 31 can notify Samsung as well. The email it sent to the customer has explained steps for both options. Customers can also cancel their pre-order at any point before the device is being shipped by Samsung.

Now we have seen Galaxy Fold’s disastrous entry, I wonder you are interested to sustain the pre-order especially when it comes at a huge price tag. Let us know what do you think about the future of Galaxy Fold and would you like to pre-order the device?

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