We will not be too late – Says Koh about the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’ highly-anticipated Galaxy Fold was originally set to be released on April 26. But after its PR nightmare, its release was put on hold for the indefinite time. Samsung even went to one step ahead and send email regarding its possible cancellation to its pre-order customers for Galaxy Fold. And then there was silence. Samsung had to face embarrassment but may be the intention was good. Samsung wanted to be the first one to release a real foldable device to the public.

Now just after few days of announcing that Galaxy Fold pre-order will likely be canceled unless customers decide to stick with Samsung for Galaxy Fold, Samsung CEO DJ Koh has confirmed that the company will confirm the new release date in few days. Speaking to The Korean Herald, Koh stated that the company has reviewed the defect caused from the substance (that entered the devices and possible cause the breakout), and will reach a conclusion in a couple of days. He further added that “We will not be too late”.

Based on Koh’s comment, it appears that Samsung is coming close to the final decision on the launch. Although the company is planning to release the foldable device at the earliest as possible it may need time for necessary steps for certification and testing. Galaxy Fold devices will be launched with enhanced display protection. The defects were apparently caused at the first place when substances entered inside the display after its protection film was taken off. Samsung has already completed its internal inspections for the samples that were given to media persons and reported as flawed. Samsung took back those devices and it is in the process of taking extra measures to protect the display from exposure to similar problems.

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