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Top 5 hidden advanced features of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10 Plus

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, S10, or S10 Plus, this article is for you. I have rounded up a few best hidden and advanced features for people who love to use their smartphones in a smart way. This is especially good if you are an iPhone switcher or a novice Android user.

Tip number 1 will make your phone way faster but if you are concerned about the battery, this might not be the best tip. So go to your settings. Go all the way down to the bottom to about phone and then click on software information. There you will see the build number. Go ahead and tap on that a few times until it says you are a developer and it will ask for your pin, so now that you have activated the developer mode. Go ahead and hit back and then you will see this developer options at the very bottom so you will scroll down to the section called drawing and you will see something that refers to the animation scale. Choose 5.

Tip number 2: To reveal the front drop down menu in one step, use two fingers like V sign instead of just one finger that makes you swipe down twice.

Tip number 3: You can change display settings like font-size, or want some specific font to display. Go to settings > display and now you can change the font size or font style. There is also screen zoon so you can make also make everything bigger in general. Then there is screen resolution. By-default Samsung chooses the lowest resolution. You can change as per you like.

Tip number 4: Switch to dark mode if you are concerned about battery life. It will conserve more battery, especially with an OLED panel. If you have black pixels, it is not turning them on which means you save battery life.

Tip number 5: Click on the menu icon in the bottom left corner and we’ll go to your app overview screen. Now if you click this little icon at the top of the window. You have a few options that show up. One of them is the split screen view. So you can actually go through your other app. So let’s choose the play store and then you see how it has split screen here and you can adjust it by hitting this little bar and dragging it. If you want to type something your keyboard still shows up.

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