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Samsung wants to bring blockchain to its mid-range phones

With everyone getting excited about the new rise of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, Samsung has decided to bring its blockchain support to budget smartphones as well and not just the premium devices. Samsung Galaxy S10 has a built-in cryptocurrency and block chain features. The company is looking to shift this technology to its budget devices as well.

In an announcement, Senior Managing Director of product strategy, Chae Woncheol said, we will lower barriers to the new experience by gradually expanding the number of galaxy models that support blockchain functions. It is also reported that Samsung will expand the availability of its blockchain services from Korea to the U.S, and Canada. Before the launch of Galaxy S10, the rumors suggested that Samsung will support blockchain but after the launch consumers had to face disappointment as cryptocurrency wallet was nowhere to be found for those who are outside the U.S, Germany, and Korea. The bigger disappointment was that the wallet was supporting some altcoins, tokens, but couldn’t store Bitcoin private keys.

Samsung hasn’t said anything about the timeline – when and which of its smartphones will get the additional blockchain feature, we don’t know yet. Indeed, it may take some time but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are becoming the latest trend and Samsung has to join the trend or being left behind. Samsung has a reputation of making high-quality secure phones which make it even more perfect solution for people using crypto. There might be a required learning curve associated with the crypto on your smartphone but it will be really useful for many people if they could use their smartphone as a crypto node.

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