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Samsung has started to roll out Android Pie for Galaxy M30

Samsung announced that Android N will be available to the Galaxy M trio in the early weeks of June but some have reported that they have received the update for the Galaxy M30. The M305FDDU1BSEA update comes in at 1.14 GB and brings Samsung’s One UI interface alongside the May 2019 security patch to the entry-level phone. The initial date for the update for the Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20, and M30 was June 3. However, it seems that the Korean company went ahead of the schedule to meet the competition it is already facing in the mobile industry. IndiaTech has already confirmed that news that they have received the update indeed. The OTA update brings Samsung’s One UI interface along with the latest Android security Patch for May.

You can download the update on WiFi as the update is in more than 1GB in size, so it is better to not consume your mobile data plan. As the update brings a brand new interface that has been redesigned to make it easy for the users to use the device with one hand. After the update, you will see the interactive keys moved to the bottom half of the display while the top-half focuses on the content. One UI brings a system-wide night mode which not also looks great on the Galaxy M30’s AMOLED display but also save your battery huge lifetime. The Galaxy M10 and M20 are also expected to receive the night mode with the Android Pie update, but it seems you have to wait a little bit if you are using these phones.

The Android Pie update brings a lot more features and user-experience than just a night mode or new icons. The Samsung keyboard get a complete makeover and has new Unicode 11.0 emojis, the camera app gets a new scene optimizer and new editing tools have been added to the Gallery among other things. The Galaxy M30 Android Pie will bring performance and optimization to the devices. You can check for the Android pie update by going into the settings > software updates.

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