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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may not have any physical buttons

According to the latest rumors, and a tweet from a very reputable Samsung news leaker Ice Universe, Samsung may not have any physical buttons. This also includes the headphone jack. The report claims that Samsung is going to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy Note 10. This would be the first Samsung Note to have no physical buttons if the rumor is true.

Not just the headphone jack, the device will also not have buttons for power, volume, and Samsung smart Assistant Bixby. Maybe not even many people will miss Bixby but using a phone without volume buttons or power button will be something new to experience for Samsung users. Android Police, another news leaker about Samsung reported that Samsung may not likely to have a 3.5-mm headphone jack with its next flagship smartphone.

The company is perhaps the only one to release the premium series smartphones with the jack. It is not like that company doesn’t have this technology. It has released a few mid-range smartphones recently that don’t have it. The Galaxy Tab S5e also doesn’t have one either. This is the same case with the Samsung Galaxy Fold but it hasn’t released yet due to the problems with its foldable screen. It is important to note that none of these would matter with mid-range series as much as it can matter with the Note series.

Samsung will be manufacturing and selling a huge number of next Galaxy Note. So it is going to affect more people but may not have any significant impact on the final sales figures. Samsung may offer some pre-order customers a free pair of Galaxy buds. Samsung could try to sell customers these new changes by giving them more lighter and thinner hardware/device. With an increasing trend of slim handsets, Note 10 customers may also join the trend. Galaxy Note 10 is more likely to have the fastest charging ability as well.

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