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Samsung denies rumors about Galaxy Fold’s launch in July

Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to be launched back on April 24, but we all know about its PR disaster and Samsung’s decision to delay the launch. So far, Samsung hasn’t said anything about its progress except that ‘Nothing seems to be processed since the April delay’. It seems that Samsung is having difficulty with the Galaxy Fold. There were rumors that Samsung may launch Galaxy Fold somewhere in July but now Samsung has completely disowned the news. According to a company’s official representative speaking to South Korean magazine, the Korea Herald, Samsung is going to miss the July for the shipment as well.

The official said, “If we are running such a media event this month, we should be doing something by now,” Samsung has also canceled the pre-orders until a specified date in the future. We are still waiting for the next date. We all know Samsung’s reputation and hoping that it could bring the folding technology earlier than anyone else. Samsung isn’t the only company working on foldable devices. Huawei was also launching a folding smartphone this year but delayed the launch. The reason could be technical or political as we all know about Trump’s ban on Huawei.

“[Samsung] has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device] and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days,” Mr. Koh said. “We will not be too late.” The next big company working on foldable display is Apple and as time passes expectations have increased. Samsung hasn’t any new exciting smartphone to be launched this year, except for the Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Note 10.

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