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Samsung may bring Galaxy Note 10 with major camera upgrade

According to CNET, Samsung will unveil Galaxy Note 10 at an unpacked event on the August 7th at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. While we already know that most of the features of Galaxy Note 10, there is one that is above the expectations. With Galaxy S10, Samsung added a ToF camera to its premium smartphone. Although not all Samsung Galaxy S10 variants feature a ToF camera, it can be added in the Note 10 as well. According to the reports by BGR, Samsung’s main ToF supplier MCNEX invested more than 13 billion won ($11 million) in a facility in Vietnam to mass produce ToF lenses.

The ToF provider is aiming to kickoff production by upcoming few months which lines perfectly with Note 10 launch. Samsung is also working with other suppliers, including Partron to supply ToF for the Galaxy S10 5G. It measures the time taken by light to travel to the subject. It allows the device to map out accurate depth data for 3D face scanning and recognition. With Galaxy Note 10, it will be interesting to see if Samsung changes the iris scanning feature.

According to another reputed leaker Ice Universe, Samsung Note 10 will have a single lens that is able to switch between focal lengths: f/1.5, f/1.8, and f/2.4. Two of these have already been seen, but the f/1.8 is new. An aperture is responsible for getting light into the camera. For night photography and low-light situations you need to let a lot of light in, but for full light scenarios you don’t need much light. Aperture also affects the depth of field, so adjusting it can affect how much of shot is in the focus. Usually, the more aperture is, better the picture is. So, with three apertures, you have more options to experiment with.

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