Fake Samsung app managed to fool 10 million users

An app seem legit on PlayStore has been downloaded around 10 million time. It promotes an easy way to get Samsung firmware and security update for your Samsung phone, but in reality the app takes you to ad-filled pages and charges you for free software. The app is called Updates for Samsung and is still in the Google Play store. Aleksejis Kuprins, who works for the CSIS security group in Denmark, detailed the app’s scammy nature in a blog post yesterday.

“Besides being stuffed with advertisement frameworks and not being affiliated with Samsung (yet distributing their firmware), the app offers paid subscriptions for downloads of the said firmware,” Kuprins wrote. “A user can get an annual subscription for Samsung firmware update downloads for a small fee of $34.99.” If you have the updated version of Android antivirus app this would warn you against the app and won’t let you install. If you have installed this app, and pay for the firmware or software update, you should check with your card provider.

It has 4/5 rating in the Google Play, but there are plenty of complaints about the software. “This is garbage. It’s just news and ads. It doesn’t help update anything,” wrote one user. “I would not recommend downloading this app because I tried downloading a firmware and it says ‘download unsuccessful’. Plus the ads on this app keeps popping up out of nowhere and it’s kind of annoying,” wrote another. “BUGGY, BUGGY & EVEN MORE BUGS! LOCKS UP HARD ON A SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Plus. Not JUST App lockups & freezes. ENTIRE PHONE FREEZES REQUIRING RESTART!!!! BOO / HISS” said our favorite comment.

Samsung has its own official updates and notification schedule which facilitate the users to install the latest updates and security patches. To install these updates, go to your settings apps, and open it. Scroll down to Software update. Click on check for system updates or download. Click okay.

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