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Samsung uploaded a teaser video for the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Indonesia has just tweeted a short video clip about the Galaxy Note 10. The device is going to be unveiled on August 7. The date is officially confirmed now. Samsung is holding a big event on August 7 to announce the highly anticipated Galaxy Note. According to the rumors, the Company is looking to reveal a few more devices in Samsung’s lineup but the Galaxy Note 10 is surely a highlight.

Note series has been the device for working professionals or high-tech business people who love to keep everything on their device. The Galaxy Note 10 is not a surprise when it comes to the Galaxy’s series functionality. The video shows multiple devices needed to work such as you need a desktop to create or edit the work, and then send the message on your mobile about the work done, and then you have to use your laptop for presentation. According to Samsung, this on-going hassle is going to end if you use only one device – Note 10 instead of all these.

The video talks about the business-oriented capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The earlier promo videos did show it in an office environment but also talked about its high-end camera, gaming performance, water resistance, and so on. It described it as a powerful handset with a handful of premium features and not just a business smartphone. The invitation shows an S-Pen moving and creating a circle in the center of the invitation screen which changes to camera lens which confirms the center Infinity-O camera for the Galaxy Note 10.

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