Samsung Galaxy A80 review: A phone with a rotating camera

Samsung started with the Galaxy A30, improve some hardware specs and create Galaxy A40 and A50, then comes the perfect affordable smartphone by the Samsung – Galaxy A70 and now a smartphone with a fun rotating the pop-up camera – Galaxy A80 is available for sale in India. The device has a perfect blend of normal, mid-range, and premium features. It is a quirky, fun device to grab the attention of many.

So is this phone worth your money? Let’s find out. Despite being part of the Galaxy A series, which is more on the budget side, the Galaxy A80’s price fall in the upper category. The device has a price tag of roughly $725 making it a little cheaper than the Huawei P30 but not affordable as the Google Pixel 3a. The price is far more than Galaxy A50 which cost only $349. However, the price has nothing to do with the Samsung Galaxy S10. The Galaxy A80 is definitely not a lightweight smartphone and weigh around 232g. The phone has a large display of 6.7-inch. It has a Gorilla glass display and back with metal frame.

There are power, volume button on the opposite of each other. There is a USB-C port, no 3.5mm headphone jack which is no surprise as this is the latest design trend almost all smartphone manufacturers are following. Finally, the pop-up is rather slow. It doesn’t feel snappy at all and looks fragile. It has the potential to attract dust as well. When it’s down you can shake it. When the pop-up camera is down it shook and rattled as though it was loose. It has 3,700mAh battery that may sound like a fair size. The main camera is 48MP f/2.0 and its joined by an 8MP f/2.2 snapper with an ultra-wide lens and a 3D time of flight f/1.2 camera that is used to sense depth, for better portraits. The third camera is for depth and bokeh effect. In general, the pics are okay.

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