Samsung Galaxy A20e and A30 got the July security patch

First, it was Galaxy A30 which got a security patch and now it is Galaxy A20e. The update which pushes the software version to A305FDDU2ASF3 is currently being rolled out in India for Galaxy A30. The patch addresses a number of vulnerabilities to be found within the Android OS and the OEM’s software. At the moment, the package for Galaxy A20e is being deployed in Germany for the model number SM-A202F, but it is expected that the update rollout will be expanded to other regions of the world.

Aside from the general security issues which now have been fixed due to the security patch in July 2019, it is also bringing some changes to the features of the devices. For example, the camera gets better stability and some changes were made to improve the moisture detection algorithm. So far, there weren’t any reports of problems due to the device being affected by Samsung’s moisture to detect an error but this issue has affected the company’s flagship in the past. The problem usually can infer while the phone is on charging. But as far as the Galaxy A20e and A30 are concerned, this update seems to be a more of a pre-emptive measure to avoid any future problem with the devices.

Moisture detection algorithm has a history back to the Galaxy S7 where some complaints were filed due to moisture detection notification appearance. This warning used to appear when the phone was charging and prevent their phones from recharging. Galaxy A30 owners should be able to download the security patch after they get the notification on their phone. If you haven’t received the update notification on your smartphone yet, you can check for the security patch update manually by opening the Settings app. Tap Software update followed by download and install.

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