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Samsung is ready for another launch of Galaxy Fold after getting it Fix

Samsung’s firs foldable smartphone will go on sale in September, claimed by The site didn’t use the ‘may be’ word. The news hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung yet but we knew that Samsung was working on the broken parts of the Galaxy Fold. There were reports by that Galaxy Fold passed all its durability tests. The Company tried to launch the phone back in April as well, but after it hand over some units to media journalists and influencers, it had to postpone the release due to massive failure reports. Not even a single unit survived and only in two days the phone broke completely. Some claimed of complete black out of the screen where someone reported about the display getting on the half screen only.

Samsung claimed that it was due to the removal of the protective film on the Galaxy Fold but this wasn’t necessarily the case. The Korean tech company now seems confident as recently they said that it had made improvements to the nearly $2,000 device which will be available in only selected markets. In a statement recently, the company said, “Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests”. The improvement we all know about is related to the protective film which is now part of the casing. It is clear that it is not meant to be removed. Samsung also worked on the hinge area and added new protection caps.

The company wanted to be the first one to launch foldable device as there is already some furious competition in the foldable market. This phone proved to be a source of embarrassment for Samsung which has been declining smartphone sales. Huawei was the second manufacturer to announce the foldable and also launching their device in September. The Chinese company has already pushed the launch date to conduct some extra tests.

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