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Samsung announced more exciting features for the One UI 2

Samsung recently hosted its 2019 Developer conference in California where the company revealed its upcoming features for the One UI version 2. The company hasn’t start to update all of the smartphones yet, but hopefully, shortly, it will bring Android 10 with One UI2 to its smartphones. Samsung took this opportunity to announce some of […]

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Samsung Night Mode

You can now have the Play store in dark theme

Night mode has been in the trend recently. It saves battery life and is easy on easy, especially good for those who stare at the screen a lot. You can have night mode for the various apps like Duo, PlayBooks, and Gmail. Google has already rolled out the night mode to the users worldwide but […]

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There is no back button in Google’s latest OS – Android Q

With other many new advanced features, Android Q brings an entirely innovative gesture-based navigation with Android Pie to replace the traditional three buttons were available in the older versions. Smartphone manufacturers implemented this gesture-based navigation in their UIs with few changes and released their own navigation systems. Manufacturers like Xiamoi and Huawei had a gesture-based […]

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android Pie

How to open apps in multi window on Android Pie

Samsung has offered users with the ability to run two apps on their smartphone at the same time due to multi window feature. But when you upgrade to Android Pie on your Galaxy smart phone, you may think that multi window functionality doesn’t exist anymore. It does exist but the process to open multiple apps […]

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android 9

Do not disturb mode got better with One UI

Android latest update Pi has bring new update for Galaxy devices at granular level with Do not disturb feature. With previous Android operating systems you can enable Do not disturb mode but it could only mute alarms, calls, messages and other audio notifications. But there was no option to mute media volume. Samsung fixed this […]

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one ui

Samsung Experience 9.5 vs. One UI – An initial review

Samsung released One UI beta for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 earlier. Samsung has taken a new direction in their software development. The company has created its custom Android software experience over the years. Samsung’s early software iterations was called TouchWiz. It was slow, bloated and couldn’t earn much reputation among Android enthusiasts. Samsung made […]

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Samsung Android Pie beta is now live in Germany

Samsung announced the date for released Android Pie beta and it went live according to the schedule. Germany was also included in the list of countries approved for beta release but it didn’t get the beta program on Nov 15. The amazing Samsung’s customer service agents didn’t know what was going on which added further […]

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Samsung may re-launch adoptable storage with Android Pie

Recently a member a XDA forum discovered adoptable storage as an option in firmware. It doesn’t work properly at the moment and crashes around 40% according to him but we can expect something solid from Samsung regarding adoptable storage with the release of Android latest version. Adoptable storage was an option in Android three years […]

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