Samsung galaxy S11

Are you ready for the 8K Video on your Samsung Galaxy?

4K video experience is something that is in the trend these days. Most of the premium smartphones are capable of shooting a video on 4K and other devices are doing it at 1080p, but the recent rumors about Samsung Galaxy S11 have set another level of expectation from the device. The leaks suggest that the Galaxy S11 will come out with an 8k video recording. Which is a lot and rare to smartphones. So far, only one IT magazine has reported this leak and we don’t have much news about the insider who provided this information, or other camera specs, but if this rumor is true, it will make a great update for those who are looking for a new mobile in 2020.

So far, we have a few TV sets available right now who could stream 8K videos. Despite the visual experience, you may not want to purchase these because of the cost. So, if this is true, you may be able to record a video at super-high-resolution, but perhaps not play it back. Another rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S11 may have a 108MP camera lens although this may not sound like much realistic, as the Galaxy S10 has only a 12MP camera.

Samsung is creating its own 108MP camera sensor which can record about 6Kvideo although no smartphone manufacturer has used this feature. However, Samsung has claimed such a high-resolution video recording as the upper-resolution limit for the video. So either this is another sensor from Samsung or this rumor is incorrect.

Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected by the first quarter of the next year. The device might be using the Snapdragon 865 which does support 8K video recording, but this doesn’t mean that the device will use its hardware functionality. The Snapdragon 855 can also handle the picture resolution up to 192MP, but so far, no phone has gone that high.   

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