Samsung Galaxy S21 may come with the first Exynos 1000 Procesor

Samsung has been releasing the new Galaxy S series every year without skipping any year. This time, it came up with a new number for the Galaxy S series, and instead of S11, it was called S20. The next Galaxy S series is rumored to be called Galaxy S21 and might be released early next […]

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Samsung might be working on a new Galaxy A phone with a pop-up camera

According to a few leaked images of a supposed-to-be a new Galaxy A series phone, Samsung is working on another mid-range smartphone with a fairly heavy bezel but no hole for front-camera as usually Samsung has for its devices. That allows users to have an uninterrupted full edge-to-edge display with the front-face camera seemingly using […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 might feature massive a 4000mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S line series has a massive fan following and appeal for mass users. The company has changed the Galaxy Note 10 a bit recently which makes it a tough competitor of Note as well. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was launched last year with a 3,500mAh battery. As the phone […]

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galaxy A51 5G

Samsung is planning to release a 5G version of Galaxy A51

The Galaxy A51 was released in January this year but it lacks 5G connectivity and users had to rely on 4G and 3G network support. For most of the users, it is not a big deal as the 5G network is available to a limited number of places. Samsung has already got the phone Galaxy […]

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Samsung galaxy s20 ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – A phone with 108MP camera that can’t focus

The first thought that comes to your mind after hearing the price of Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is if the phone justifies the price? The Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra will be available in March starting at $1,399. Samsung aimed to manufacture a statement phone to beat the iPhone and Android competition and the specs seem […]

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galaxy M31

Samsung Galaxy M31 – 64MP Quad Camera that costs less than $300

Last year, Samsung decided to manufacture phones for budget-conscious consumers. It also launched a few mid-range smartphones to compete with Chinese rivals. The electronics giant introduced a new series – the M series that enabled Samsung to survive and thrive through the intense competition from brands like Xiaomi and Redmi. In 2019, the company launched […]

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galaxy z flip

Samsung Galaxy Z flip – Should you buy it?

To this date, every foldable came to market had some issues. Royal’s flexPai seems unfinished, the Galaxy fold had some glaring design problems, Huawei’s Mate has impressed the audience at last year’s Mobile World Congress but still in the testing phase the company never fully recovered from, and the Moto Razr failed to live up […]

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galaxy foldable z

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is coming to India on February 26

You might not into the foldable phones yet but the Galaxy Z flip has design to kill and impress. The previous foldable smartphone by Samsung didn’t debut well and then there were some durability concerns. Even the company itself wasn’t sure about how people would react for the device. But now when the foldable has […]

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galaxy Z flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – The first impression

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Z flip is getting more positive reviews. It seems that people just get enough of this foldable device that is light-weight and fits perfectly in your hand. The only problem that you may find with the device is paying $1380 that is more than you would pay for the […]

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Galaxy S20 plus

Samsung Galaxy S20, Plus, and Ultra – What you can expect from the devices?

Samsung unpacked event 2020 will take place on February 11, a few weeks before the Mobile world congress 2020 event, and we are expecting that Samsung will reveal its Galaxy S20 series at the event in San Francisco. So far, we have seen more than a few rumors about the S20 lineup, including professional renders […]

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samsung galaxy s20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may feature a fine-tuned 120Hz refresh rate

Samsung will be revealing the Galaxy S20 series in almost a week and it will take around a month for the device to hit the stores, but we already have a streams of leaks coming in. The industry insiders look quite exciting about the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 already. The first bit of reliable […]

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Samsung galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 reservations are open for now

Yesterday Samsung sort of released an official teaser for the potential customers of the Samsung Galaxy S20 that will be shown in full for the first time on the 11th of February. If you sign up for the system, it will allow you to access the pre-order of the phone when it ready for purchase. […]

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android 10

Samsung users won’t be getting stable Android 10 update till February

Samsung was doing great with its Android update road map till now. According to the schedule, the android update was due by the end of January. However, now when we are almost there, the beta users didn’t have a stable update so far. For some reason, Samsung has now pushed back the launch of Android […]

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Google Duo

Samsung Galaxy S20 could feature Google Due in its native messaging app

The Korean technology magazine “The Korea Herald” reported that Samsung could integrate Google Due in its native messaging application. Samsung is apparently in working relationship with Google and local telecom operator SK telecom toe enables the new video chat service. The reportedly chat service will work over RCS messaging that is already available and functional […]

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Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Release date and Leaks

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is the biggest phone in the S20 series. It potentially targets a larger battery, higher hardware specs, and price with more features. As per rumors, the Galaxy S20 is going to be unveiled on Feb 11, which we know thanks to Samsung’s official invites. There is still some […]

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Samsung Galaxy S20

Some more leaks about Samsung Galaxy S20 display and battery

The Galaxy S10 was one of the best smartphones in the year 2019 that makes you wonder, what’s next? The Galaxy S10 surely raised the bar for premium smartphones, but all the rumors and leaks about Galaxy S20 suggests that it will raise the bar even higher. A short video on Galaxy S20 plus appeared […]

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galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has some serious hardware specs

Earlier this month at CES 2020, the tech giant Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S10 Lie and Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Both devices will go on sale in the coming weeks. The Galaxy S10 Lite is an interesting device as it offers some of the most features as the Galaxy S10 series at a more affordable […]

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galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a stylish yet affordable phone you should consider in 2020

Everyone wants a bigger and latest phone but rising prices of devices have made it difficult for many to consider flagship smartphones. Phones like the Galaxy Note 10 or iPhone 11 Pro cost most than $1000. There are many mid-range smartphones in the market, but most of these sacrifice features to reduce the manufacturing cost. […]

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galaxy s10 spy

A built-in app on Samsung Galaxy is sending data back to china

On January 6, 2020, a post on Reddit managed to get the attention of the users of Samsung Galaxy devices. The post claimed that the Chinese spyware is pre-installed on all Samsung phones. This person said, “I know the title is rather sensational, however it couldn’t get any closer to the truth.” The problem was […]

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galaxy watch

Samsung has finally brought the Galaxy Watch 4G to India

Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the must-have gadgets for any tech enthusiast. It has a beautiful design, a user-friendly bezel that rotates, and an impressive long-lasting battery life for the kind of functionality it offers. The company launched the 4G variant of the Galaxy Watch in India this year, even though the rest of […]

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CES 2020

CES 2020 is here and this is what you can expect to see

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show technically opens on Tuesday. CES is a great event to attend for tech enthusiasts and what happened here is very extraordinary. Many people would argue that the event is losing its importance with almost similar products being launched every year. CES has earned a reputation for being the powerhouse, and […]

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galaxy s11

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S11 launch date

Samsung Galaxy S11 is one of the most anticipated Galaxy phones of the year 2020. The Galaxy S10 was one of the most selling Galaxy phone and according to the company it has already sold over 6 million smartphones in the Q3 of last year. As per the official announcement that was discovered thanks to […]

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Galaxy Note 10

Samsung says it solid almost 7 million smartphones in 2019

Samsung announced on Friday that it sold around 6.7 million 5G smartphones worldwide. The South Korean electronics company said it has acquired 34 percent of global mobile market share for 5G phones as of November 2019, citing data from industry research firm counterpoint. Samsung is already holding the number one position in the Android mobile […]

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galaxy note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Gets Stable Android 10 Operating System

Samsung has been active for Android 10 deployment this year. Not only it is ahead of schedule, but it has already completed the update of the stable Android 10 for some of its flagship smartphones. Now, the company is rolling updates for the Galaxy Note 9. The OS update also includes the security patch for […]

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galaxy A10

Galaxy A10 came out as the best-selling Samsung phone in Q3 2019

Samsung has launched a few smartphones this year, with most of the releases belong to Galaxy A series. And according to counterpoint Research, these Galaxy A phones have been among the top ten phones that were sold aggressively in the Q3 of 2019 worldwide. Surprisingly, it is the Galaxy A10 that was the most popular […]

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Galaxy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10 has a faster data transfer rate than Apple

Needs a phone with the fastest data transfer speed? The Galaxy s10 is your phone. It has the data transfer rate even faster than Apple in every market, according to a recent report by Ookla based on data gathered by Speedtest Intelligence throughout Q3 2019. The website compared the benchmark for the Galaxy S10, Apple […]

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Galaxy Fold

Samsung may use ultra-thin glass instead of plastic for Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung released its foldable device earlier this year, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a success. The second release, however, is doing great and lots of people have already purchased it. Still, there isn’t any news of display breakage or any other problem being reported. But still, the display is quite fragile, and according to the company, […]

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galaxy s10 lite

An affordable variant of the Galaxy S10 is coming to India

Almost two months ago, some rumors claimed that Samsung is planning to release an affordable variant of the Galaxy S10. As per reports, the device will be unveiled as the Galaxy S10 Lite. We are almost 10 days away from the New Year and we may expect that it will be unveiled in the early […]

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galaxy fold 2

This is how next Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might look like

Samsung teased a clamshell foldable phone design at its developer conference several months ago, something like Motorola Razr has already adopted for the foldable phone. Now, it seems like real-world images of this device may have leaked online. The leak comes via a Weibo user (h/t: Ice Universe), and shows a clamshell foldable phone with […]

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Galaxy 01

Samsung unveils another Galaxy A series device – Galaxy A01

We are almost 2 weeks away from the New Year and Samsung revealed another Galaxy A series phone out of now where. There were no leaks, no rumors, or even official announcement before release. The phone is called Galaxy A01 and belongs to the budget category. Last week, we saw the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy […]

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