note 10 plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ just got bigger and better

The Galaxy Note 10+ is technically the biggest smartphone by Samsung. It has 6.8-inch QHD+ AMOLED screen but this is only 0.1-inch bigger than the Galaxy S10 5G. Still, it looks stunning, takes great photos and videos. The hole for the selfie camera is smaller than any other Galaxy phone but it is still there. […]

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galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold has game optimization feature for hundreds of apps

Samsung was the first company to use the display screen technology that can heal itself – the foldable device was the direct influence of the technology. The company had its plan to launch the first-ever foldable device in February which met a PR disaster and phone couldn’t survive the human usage for more than two […]

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galaxy fold

Samsung canceled the pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold – Again

The Galaxy Fold has been in news for such a long time now for good and bad reasons. The foldable technology seems to be awesome and exciting but also seems impossible to achieve and Samsung has almost proved itself. The Galaxy fold was due for the release in February this year but due to the […]

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Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung’s new Galaxy A90 is going to make 5G affordable for everyone

Samsung announced a surprising detail about its upcoming mid-range smartphone Galaxy A90. According to Samsung, the Galaxy A90 will have support for 5G. After the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy Note 10 5G, it looks like Samsung next smartphone is ready to have 5G, which would make the company’s first 5G smartphone in […]

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galaxy s10 plus

Samsung is bringing the old display technology to the next Galaxy S series

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone S10 and S10 Plus continue the tradition of being awesome and did well in the market. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus didn’t bring any exciting feature for its users and were almost similar to its predecessor. This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good. It is just that Samsung […]

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samsung galaxy m30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s is launching on September 18 in India

Samsung Galaxy M30s is known for its design and specification for quite some time now. The device has received Wi-Fi Alliance certification recently and was also featured on the Andriod Enterprise listing. Now the Galaxy M30s is available on along with all the detail on hardware and software specification. According to the site, the […]

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galaxy fold

Samsung will be re-launching Galaxy Fold in September

Samsung Galaxy Fold has become a mystery in the mobile industry. The company worked for at least 5 years on foldable screen technology but despite all hard work and technology, the Fold had to face failure and in only two days, the device started to break. Samsung postponed the launch of the device and took […]

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galaxy note 10 5G

Note 10 Plus 5G supports up to 1.7Gbps on Verizon’s network

So what is 5G network we all talk about these days? 5G is the next mobile network generation following 4G LTE. It will deliver much faster internet speeds with lower latency rate. It will spur radical changes in various industries that depend on internet speed for processing and communication. All the major U.S. carriers are […]

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galaxy foldable

Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally about to be released in September

We all know what happened to the first-ever foldable smartphone by Samsung. Even after working for only two days, people are looking forward to its release, hoping that Samsung has fixed the issue by now. The first release was due on April 26, but design flaws and quality control issues made it a PR nightmare […]

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galaxy note 10 plus

Do you know that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is set to a lower resolution?

Samsung Electronics produces some of the best display technology pieces. As our industry is getting used of the bigger and bigger display, the higher resolution is becoming a normal thing but do you know that Samsung sets your Note 10 Plus to a lower resolution than they can handle by default? This setting can be […]

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Do you want a phone with a bigger battery? Galaxy M30s is your device

This year, Samsung tested a mid-range mobile phone market with its various smartphone. This was supposed to crush the competition caused by Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and the move seems to be working. After launching several phones under its new Galaxy M and Galaxy A series over the last few months, Samsung has now started […]

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Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus justify its price?

The Galaxy Note series is the epitome of Samsung. It is where Samsung combine all premium features to the point where price almost become irrelevant. But this has been changing with time. This year, Samsung also brought us with similar features with the Galaxy S10+ and the smaller Galaxy Note 10. Both devices are slightly […]

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Galaxy Note 10

The camera review for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is one of the top camera phones in 2019. It instantly stands with the best camera phones. It comes with four camera lenses and the Plus-exclusive depth sensor. The Samsung Note 10 is outfitted with a 12MP regular lens with a variable f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture. To explain that […]

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Samsung fast charging

Samsung is near to complete its faster and better-charging technology

Evan Blass recently tweet about that Samsung Electronics is nearly finishing its latest graphene battery technology which will be much faster and provide a better battery life to the mobile phones. Samsung reportedly plans to launch its technology in at least one of its mobile handsets released by the end of 2021. There has been […]

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Things you are going to love about Galaxy Note 10

For the first time ever, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note in two different sizes. The Galaxy Note 10 is for the users who love the S-Pen and ultimate productivity in a small package- a 6.3-inch cinematic infinity display. The Galaxy Note 10 plus features the biggest Note display so far with a 6.8-inch screen. For […]

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A closer look at Samsung’s premium smartphone Galaxy Note 10

Samsung unveils its much-hyped Galaxy Note 10 yesterday. The company also updated a number of gadgets this week which included a laptop, smartphone, and a sports watch. But the key announcement is off course, is the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. For the first time ever, Samsung took time to release the two variants […]

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galax ynote 10

Samsung revealed two Galaxy Note 10 instead of one.

Samsung finally debuted its latest Galaxy smartphone – Note 10. The biggest thing so far is that the company launched two Galaxy phones instead of one for the first time ever. Instead of giving away just one Note 10, there is also a Note 10 plus variant. There are a lot of specifications that are […]

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samsung galaxy note 10 pre-event

How to watch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 unveil event live

On Wednesday 7, August Samsung is going to unveil its next smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in an unpacked event in New York. The event will take place a few weeks before the due date for the release of Galaxy Fold. Samsung announced recently, that its foldable device is ready to launch and the […]

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Samsung Pay turns your Galaxy phone into a wallet

With the growing trend of using Google Pay and similar services, mobile payments are overtaking the traditional way of paying through cash and credit cards. With mobile payments, you don’t have to worry about carrying your cards anywhere. Plus, if stolen, it is possible to use the mobile payment due to secure phone and payment […]

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Let’s talk about Samsung unpacked 2019 Event

Samsung is going to hold a giant unpacked event over the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday, Aug 7, where the company is going to unveil the much-hyped Galaxy Note 10, the latest smartphone by the smartphone company, Samsung. Samsung Note 10 is going to be the main highlight of the even but Samsung has […]

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galaxy fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold is fixed now and ready to be released in September

Samsung has announced that it has made necessary changes to protect the Galaxy Fold’s screen and will release the folding smartphone soon. The original retail launch date was in April and now its July. Samsung now says the Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase somewhere around September. Samsung hasn’t changed the price though and […]

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Galaxy Fold

Samsung is ready for another launch of Galaxy Fold after getting it Fix

Samsung’s firs foldable smartphone will go on sale in September, claimed by The site didn’t use the ‘may be’ word. The news hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung yet but we knew that Samsung was working on the broken parts of the Galaxy Fold. There were reports by that Galaxy Fold passed all its […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Are you ready for 5 cameras?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus model has even more cameras. So far the rumors suggest that there will be three cameras at the rear side of the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus will have up to 5 cameras. That’s massive. We have heard this before multiple times, and there were even […]

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galaxy watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can now detect water

Recently Samsung has rolled out an update for its smartwatch – Galaxy Active. The update has come up with some great UI and performance updates. But the most interesting update is its water sensitivity. The watch can now detect if you are swimming or having any water-based activity. There is also a great feature for […]

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Samsung Galaxy A20e and A30 got the July security patch

First, it was Galaxy A30 which got a security patch and now it is Galaxy A20e. The update which pushes the software version to A305FDDU2ASF3 is currently being rolled out in India for Galaxy A30. The patch addresses a number of vulnerabilities to be found within the Android OS and the OEM’s software. At the […]

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Samsung doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to launch Galaxy Fold

There were rumors about the successful durability test of a Galaxy fold which wasn’t confirmed by any official sources. The test carried out by sending a few units to people in the industry and to professors at Seoul National University and the KAIST research institute. So far, there isn’t even a single report of the […]

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Samsung Galaxy A80 review: A phone with a rotating camera

Samsung started with the Galaxy A30, improve some hardware specs and create Galaxy A40 and A50, then comes the perfect affordable smartphone by the Samsung – Galaxy A70 and now a smartphone with a fun rotating the pop-up camera – Galaxy A80 is available for sale in India. The device has a perfect blend of […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: More leaked images show lack of headphone jack

Samsung is near to reveal its next flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10. The date has been officially confirmed to unveil Note 10. The company is holding a big unpacked event at the Barclays Center in New York. Last year, Samsung launched the Note 9 at the same place. There has been leaks and rumors about […]

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galaxy a20e

Samsung Galaxy A20e: Should you buy it?

Samsung keeps introducing new low-budget smartphones with it’s A series. The latest entry to the series is Galaxy A20e which looks similar to Galaxy A40. It has the same 5.8-inch display and narrow bezels. The phone is made of plastic but feels good in the hands. All physical buttons are placed on the right side […]

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galaxy note 10

Samsung uploaded a teaser video for the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Indonesia has just tweeted a short video clip about the Galaxy Note 10. The device is going to be unveiled on August 7. The date is officially confirmed now. Samsung is holding a big event on August 7 to announce the highly anticipated Galaxy Note. According to the rumors, the Company is looking to […]

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