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Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy S10

Samsung is known for its masterpiece smart phones but two revolutionary phones always stand out from the rest – the Galaxy 10 smart phone and its partner the Galaxy Note 9. (And that’s indeed in addition to the Galaxy Tablets). So what Galaxy S10 and Note 9 has new to offer for its loyal users when they are finally released.

What’s inside the cover?

The Galaxy Note 9 will update its processor to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with a 512GB storage and 8GB of RAM. We can expect more from the Galaxy S10 from a device that is likely to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next year. The Galaxy S10 is also reported to have a triple-lens camera system modules by rumors, powered by a Exynos 9820 CPU.

What is outside?

South Korean Tech magazine ‘The Bell’ reports that the Galaxy S10 will have fingerprint scanner under the display, very much like the vivo x21. That would save any accidental touch to finger print scanner. The same technology is expected in the Galaxy Tablet S4 that we is expected in later this year. Samsung is also introducing facial recognition similar to Apple’s FaceID system but so far we are unclear how it is going to work with the alignment of hardware and software. As per leaked photo of Samsung S10, it has brand new totally bezel-less front face which means Samsung has found a way to hide all the cameras and sensors without impacting the size or shape of the display area, which could be another milestone in mobile industry.

The Note 9 is expected to have similar look as its predecessor with a slight change in thicker chassis for better durability. Some changes are coming the S-Pen stylus to attract its business users. Inbuilt Bluetooth has ability to make and receive calls dynamically and it can be used to control music playback. An un-labeled image on the Samsung unpacked invitation card depicts a button on a cylindrical device. We are not sure yet, if this button is related to S-Pen’s new Bluetooth functionality or it’s just a speaker.

There won’t be any folding – Yet

Its kind of open secret that Samsung and others are trying to design mobile devices with folding displays. Microsoft has been testing on folding devices now as we have seen few others. Hardware adoption is still in the process for folding option. I would rather like to see folding option in Tablets or Note range as it make more sense than having it in smart phones but you never know. So far, the Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tablet 4 don’t offer folding options yet, but we can hopeful for the next iterations of these devices.

Are these going to kill Apple?

Despite of Apple’s reputation, Samsung is leading in many areas of mobile industry. While the recent updates to the iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone X makes these great devices, Samsung offers more flexibility when it comes to software due to integration with Andriod OS which also brings features like ‘Hey Google’ to the table, as well as Bixb leaves Siri in the dust at the moment. Apple is also reported to re-develop their maps application. So far, the Google Maps seems to far superior in finding the best routes than Apple maps.

Apple’s approach of using hardware and software as a ‘whole unit’ used to had a massive impact on its performance but Samsung has narrow down the gap between SnapDragon chips used by Samsung and Apple’s bespoke A-Series power units. May be the new Samsung device might not destroy Apple’s market share but certainly have the ability to shake it off a little bit.

Which model you should buy?

Well, no matter how reliable leak sources are, we should wait for it its full specification before making any decision. If you are the one who like Stylus, Samsung Galaxy S10 has a lot to offer for you. If you rarely use these devices, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s bezel-free display has probably an attractive proposition. Once its release, we also be aware of its price that surely enable lots of people to make purchasing decision.

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