Does Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus justify its price?

The Galaxy Note series is the epitome of Samsung. It is where Samsung combine all premium features to the point where price almost become irrelevant. But this has been changing with time. This year, Samsung also brought us with similar features with the Galaxy S10+ and the smaller Galaxy Note 10. Both devices are slightly affordable versions of the Note 10 Plus. The Plus variant is noticeably bigger than the S10+ and slightly bigger than the Note 9.

The Note 10+ has a curved 6.8-inch display with 19:9 aspect ratio, so the phone almost comes to the point where the edges are sharper than the Note 9. Samsung also replaces two separate buttons for power and Bixby with one combined button which you can set to power button by default. The phone comes with dual speakers, including a big beefy one on the bottom face, and a nearly invisible one ast the very top edge. Also on the bottom, the new S Pen stylus pops out with a touch. Still plastic, the Wacom-powered S Pen is now “unibody,” meaning it doesn’t have the gold top third the Note 9’s pen has. It feels pretty much the same in the hand, though.

There is one short-coming though – it doesn’t have a headphone jack. People have a lot of anger going about the missing feature, especially those who have been mocking Apple for leaving with the 3.5mm jack. Samsung includes a pair of USB-C, AKG-branded earbuds, but no dongle; however, the phone works with generic USB-C-to-3.5mm headphone dongles. In general, the Note 10+ screen behaves a lot like the S10+ screen in terms of brightness, color accuracy, and overall performance. This is good news, as the S10+ has an excellent screen. The S-Pen is an intelligent stylus with pressure.

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