Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 leak shows Samsung won’t be using notch

So far, we have witnessed few leak images of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, and according to some reliable sources like Android Headlines, future Galaxy S9 will look like as shown something similar to the image above.  We understand. It seems boring and not what Samsung fans were expecting. The face of Galaxy S9 looks very similar to Samsung Galaxy S8. Which leads us to wonder, “That’s it?”

The only noticeable thing about this smart phone is display without a notch, 2018 seems to be a year of notch. Thanks to Apple’s iPhone X, other smart phones manufacturers are designing their displays with this polarizing cutout. While many consider iPhone X as trend setter related to notch, Essential was actually the first one to spot with this iconic cutout. Anyway, Samsung somehow decided to not to follow the trend. Samsung will not jump on the notch bandwagon.

Samsung is considered direct competitive to Apply by many, and may be this has ceased Samsung to follow the trend started (as per hype) by its very own biggest rival. If Samsung had gone with a notch, people might refer it as copycat and would be laughed at by everyone from Apple fans to tech critics.

If you have been following the Samsung news, you may know that Samsung Galaxy S9 is an iterative update of its predecessor. So it’s kind of expected that the Note 9 will also follow the same path. Galaxy S9 will have a  new Snapdragon 845 processor, the shifting aperture from the S9 and some new tricks with S-Pen as teased by Samsung’ recent press invite to the unpacked launch event for the smart phone will certainly attract some audience. Critics are referring it as an ‘excellent phone’ with some familiarity.

Samsung is set to hold some of the best innovative features for its 10th anniversary. As per rumors, Galaxy S10 is set to release in next year, equip with five cameras – two front facing cameras and there would be three rear camera lens. Galaxy Note 9 is set to be unveiled on August 9, in Brooklyn, New York. We can safely assume that Samsung would skip the notch in future S10 as well. For the S10, Samsung will either have to come up with some ingenious way of dealing with the front-face camera problem or will stick to the traditional top bezel. We can only sure about this one, after its final release.

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