Galaxy X

Galaxy X is arriving sooner than announced, but Galaxy S10 might be later

According to rumors, the event date for releasing Samsung Galaxy S10 was due in January at CES 2019, while the foldable Galaxy X would be available in market since February 2019, but as per same source it seems that dates for release of these smart phones have been reversed.

Ice Universe has leaked new dates for releasing Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X. As per their reports, the Samsung Galaxy X will arrive at CES 2019, which is due from January 8 to 11, while consumers will have the first glimpse of Samsung Galaxy S10 at MWC due from February 25 to 28, 2019. Reversing the release dates for these models does make sense in a way, since the Samsung Galaxy S9 launched at MWC 2018, so this would be a year later. MWC is a bigger event for mobile industry so launching Galaxy S10 at such an event could be an advantage for Samsung. On the contrary, we still haven’t really heard much about the Galaxy X so far, so launch date could be in the next six months or so.

Drop in Sales

After the news of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, there is an evident drop in the sales of Galaxy S9 and S8. A range which didn’t sell as well as Galaxy S7. Drop in sales could be an alarming hint for Samsung that it really needs to deliver something new and exciting to customers to reignite sales. As per early rumors suggest Samsung is likely to have in-screen fingerprint scanner and sound-emitting display and some other features to attract its business users. We will know about it for sure probable in either January or February depending on which release date is right.

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