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How to play Google Stadia on any Android phone?

Google stadia didn’t get the expected welcome by the gaming community. Mainly because of the confusion around the internet usage and the subscription fee. It is also missing a few marquee features, requires a ton of internet data, and the playback can be little segmented. The cloud gaming is still in the early stages and it may take some time for people to fully accept this new model. The interesting thing is that anyone with an Android phone can enjoy it.

Initially, Google restricted Stadia play to Pixel devices. To play the games you needed one of the Pixel phones – Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 2 to play games on stadia. However, recently tech enthusiasts at XDA-Developers somehow managed to find a way to bypass this restriction. To play Stadia on your Android phone all you need is to root the device using Magisk. You will also need a PC with ADB, installed or a terminal emulator app on your device. You can then follow the following instructions as listed by

1. Open MagiskManager and look for the MagiskHide Props Config module.
2. Install the module and reboot your phone.
3. Now, type the following command in ADB shell or your terminal application to enter MagiskHide Props Config’s command-line interface:
4. Type “5” to add/edit custom props.
5. Type “n” to add a new custom prop.
6. Type “ro.product.model” to set this prop.
7. Type “Pixel 4” to set it as the value for “ro.product.model“
8. Type “y” to accept the prop change.
9. Type “n” because we don’t want to reboot just yet.
10. Now, repeat steps #5-8, but this time set “ro.product.manufacturer” to “Google“.
11. Finally, reboot your phone. Once you boot back up, check that “ro.product.model” and “ro.product.manufacturer” are set to “Pixel 4” and “Google” respectively by entering the following commands:
12. getprop ro.product.model
getprop ro.product.manufacturer

Download the stadia app to start playing on your Android. It may be possible that Google may do something to change this, but for now, Stadia is available for your phone with a solid internet connection.

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