Samsung Galaxy Fold

iFixit is back with a new Galaxy Fold’s teardown

The first teardown by iFixit was taken down on the request of Samsung. The company has come back with a new look at Samsung’s updated Galaxy Fold. Samsung has gone a long way to improving the first Galaxy fold. As iFixit states, “Samsung quietly made all the fixes we suggested in our original teardown. They closed some gaps, reinforced the folding display, and hid the edges of that screen protection layer that everyone found so catastrophically tempting to peel off.”

The iFixit suggests that the device is easy to tear down compared to other Samsung phones, but that means, it is extra fragile. Samsung claims that the device can survive at least 200,000 folds before breaking. Samsung has closed many leaky spots that broke the phone earlier. The phone has a protective cover to close the gap and prevents the debris from going behind the screen. This improves the device’s resistance to the dust and particles. The phone is pretty heavy due to the folding hinge.

Some of its hardware specs are:

  • One 7.3″ dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex main display (2152 × 1536 resolution, 362 ppi), and one 4.6″ super AMOLED cover display (720 × 1680, 399 ppi)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 64-bit octa-core processor.
  • 12 GB RAM with 512 GB internal storage
  • A total of six cameras, from front to back: 10 MP “closed” selfie camera, 10 MP “open” selfie camera, 8 MP RGB depth camera, 16 MP ultra-wide rear camera, 12 MP wide-angle rear camera, 12 MP telephoto rear camera.
  • Capacitive fingerprint sensor / Bixby button combo
  • USB Type-C power/data port (but nary a headphone jack to be found)

When folded, it is narrow, tall, and thicker than a Galaxy S10+. In unfolded form, however, it’s big but its bezels are tiny. In its unfolded form, the main screen sports a slightly raised bezel, meaning there’s a noticeable lip around the edges that you can feel under your fingers. This likely protects the display when it’s folded or resting face-down on a table.

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